Tuesday, 19 August 2014


After Oahu, we flew to Kauai (which was probably my favourite of the three islands). We spent the first day in the hotel and on the second we drove to the Waimea Canyon. I'd never been to/seen a canyon before so I was really quite impressed, especially since it's the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific'. We'd planned to visit the Na Pali Coast but due to some technical sat nav issues we had to turn back but found a really nice snorkelling beach instead. 
My dress was a charity shop find. It's not something I would wear normally at home but it was perfect for the beach/evenings/plane journeys plus it was very easy to just throw on. It was quite windy by the sea here which is why I'm looking very windswept in these photos!

Waimea Canyon
Poipu Beach

dress - Max C London via charity shop
shoes - Office

Thursday, 14 August 2014


 I hope results day wasn't too bad for everyone! I'm fairly pleased with mine but there's not so much pressure to get the right grades since I've already got my place at UCA. Two of my friends managed to get into Cambridge and I can't imagine the stress they must have had during exam time!
Anyway, onto part 2, and our next stop was the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Oahu is the third biggest island and is the location of the capital city, Honolulu. Our hotel was slightly east of this, next to Waikiki Beach which is where we spent our first day relaxing (and attempting to bodysurf...). On the second day, we drove out to the Koko Head trail (shown in the photos below) which was an incredibly tough hike up a disused railway track and then drove around the coast where we found a really nice surfing beach. 
As for the outfit, this dress is something that I made just before I left for holiday. It's possibly my favourite thing I've ever made as the fabric is just perfect and I'm really pleased with how well it fits/the quality of sewing. Let me know what you think...!

Driving around the coast
The view from the Koko Head Trail

Koko Head Trail, Waikiki city, Waikiki Beach

dress - homemade
sandals - Topshop

Saturday, 9 August 2014

New York

If anyone's noticed my brief absence from blogging, the reason is that I've been away on holiday in America. It was my Mum's 50th birthday this year and one of her favourite places to go was Hawaii (which she visited 25 years ago (+ the Hawaii 50 reference)) so she decided it would be the perfect holiday location for her 50th year . We were lucky enough to actually go to five different locations throughout the two and a half weeks, starting off in New York. I took some outfit photos in each place and here is the first...
These two outfits are very Primark-heavy, perhaps because Primark is so good for casual/simple items. This bag is probably one of my best buys from there (I think it was £15ish) and I found this t-shirt for only £3. My checkered shirt again was very cheap since I bought it second hand from ebay rather than new in the shops...

1st outfit - top - primark, shorts - old/diy, shoes - Office, bag - Primark
2nd outfit - primark via ebay, shoes - ebay

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fishnet Crop Top

I'm off on holiday this Thursday so I won't be posting for a few weeks but I'm really excited to show you some of the things that I've made when I come back. In the meantime, I wanted to show you this fishnet crop top which I adjusted from a long sleeved one I had previously (very simply by cutting off the sleeves and cropping it). In an ideal situation I wouldn't have paired it with this skirt but unfortunately I have a lack of summer skirts at the moment and it was the best I could find! If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recognise it from a post last summer. I hope you are all having a good summer, and see you in 3 weeks!

 top - old/diy
skirt - ebay
shoes - Office

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Miss Selfridge Summer Wishlist

Although I got back from holiday last week, I've somehow only just got around to writing another blog post (albeit a very short one). I went with 8 of my friends to Kos at the start of July to celebrate the end of A levels (...it was such a fun holiday and I'm very sad to be back home and not really doing much, but I'm off again in a week so it's not too bad!). I've made quite a few things recently but I figured I'd take photos on holiday rather than in my garden....which is why I don't really have any outfits to show at the moment. Instead, I just picked out some of my favourite things from Miss Selfridge, including a couple of the amazing dresses they have....

Miss Selfridge
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Leavers Party Part 2

The big news of today is that I passed my driving test (it's such a relief to have finished it)! I'm also going on holiday with some friends to Kos tomorrow, so I won't be blogging for the next week and a bit. 
Here is my second post about the leavers party... I made the dress by layering this amazing sheer blue fabric over a black lining underneath (as I wanted it to match my Office heels). As with anything I make, there are a couple things I'd have liked to have improved but generally it's one of my favourites and it's something I might actually be able to wear again as it's not too formal. Let me know what you think... 

 dress - homemade
shoes - Office

*see part 1 here

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Leavers Party Part 1

I went to my leavers prom last night (a slightly eventful but fun evening) which gave me the chance to wear one of my homemade dresses. I also made my friend, Katie, her dress as a surprise for her 18th birthday this April. I've been really excited to show the dress on my blog as it's definitely one of my favourite things I've ever made and luckily I managed to take a few photos before we went out for the evening...

 dress - homemade
see the dress on her blog here